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Taylor Gourmet: A Taste of Philly Is Just Moments From 77 H

Taylor Gourmet was started in 2008 by two guys from Philly who love hoagies and…

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Carving Room: 77 H Residents’ Stylish, Upscale Neighborhood Deli

Carving Room is a modern take on the classic neighborhood deli near 77 H that…

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Lucky’s Cafe: Taste What Makes This a Local Institution Near 77 H

Lucky’s Cafe has served the North Capitol Street area for more than 27 years. During…

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Calling All Bibliophiles at 77 H: Find Your New Favorite Author at the Northwest One Neighborhood Library

Located just moments from 77 H, Northwest One Library works overtime as a public library…

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Ethiopic Restaurant: Where It’s Okay to Eat With Your Hands Near 77 H

If you’ve ever enjoyed the delicious taste of Ethiopian fare, you can attest to the…

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Insider’s Tip for 77 H Residents: Don’t Skip the Sweet Potato Pie at Henry’s Soul Cafe

Founded in 1968 as a deli with carryout services, Henry’s Soul Cafe has blossomed into…

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