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Where to Find Peruvian-Style Rotisserie Chicken Near 77 H: Chicken Rico


Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken is the draw at Chicken Rico, a fast-casual eatery near 77 H that first opened its doors in Peru more than four decades ago. This family business uses a 40-year-old family recipe for its signature marinade, and then cooks each chicken over a bed of fiery charcoal.

Most people go the traditional route and order a quarter, half, or whole chicken, depending on how many people they need to feed. Make it a full meal by adding a couple of sides like plantains, seasoned black beans, pasta salad, or fries. If you're on the go and prefer a more finger-friendly meal, you can order your chicken in sandwich or burrito form. Try the "Lima" sub, which tops a thick slice of chicken with provolone, red peppers, and arugula, or go for a burrito that adds rice, beans, cheese, and guacamole to the chicken!

Chicken Rico
77 H St NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 842-5007

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