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Check Out the “America Collects Eighteenth-Century French Painting” Exhibit at the National Gallery of Art


A visit to the National Gallery of Art is rewarding just about any time you go, but between now and August 20 the museum is hosting a special exhibition that illuminates the history of American art collecting. The show is titled "America Collects Eighteenth-Century French Painting" and focuses on the art collections built by early American museums, which gives modern-day visitors a glimpse into the styles and artists that were especially valued by nineteenth century Americans.

When you check out the exhibit you can also take a few minutes to see the National Gallery's most famous holdings, including its permanent sculpture and portrait galleries, featuring work by world-famous artists like da Vinci, Monet, Degas, and El Greco. Afterward, be sure to take a few minutes to relax in the gift store or the on-site coffee shop, where you can decompress and chat about the highlights of your visit.

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