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Farmbird Serves Scratch-Made Dishes From Local Sources


Farmbird is a new chicken shop located on H Street Northeast in Washington DC. With its emphasis on from-scratch cooking and fresh ingredients, it is a fitting addition to the already stacked restaurant scene in the city.

It’s safe to say that Farmbird’s approach to the dishes it serves up has won over scores of fans in the two weeks since the restaurant opened its doors. With an ethos that stipulates "No freezers, no fryers, no microwaves," you can trust that the folks here pride themselves on freshness. They also take great care to serve only the best chicken available, meaning each bird is humanely raised on a local farm, and fed an all-vegetarian diet free of hormones and antibiotics. That provides a real platform with which a broad spectrum of flavors can be imparted upon. Whether you crave the spice of the Roasted Fresno plate or long for the fresh flavors of the chicken salad, Farmbird can give you a meal that satisfies.

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