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Don’t Miss the Stuffed Grape Leaves at Ottoman Taverna


Unlike most conquerors, the royals of the Ottoman Empire never tried to overpower the peoples they ruled with their own culture. When they claimed major chunks of Europe and Asia, they opted instead to study the lives of those they'd conquered and to incorporate the best elements of each of their cultures into the Ottoman Empire. This resulted in a unique type of fusion cuisine that's on full display at the Ottoman Taverna in Washington, DC.

All different types of fares have a spot on the menu, from classic Greek dishes to traditional Turkish eats. Start your meal with the popular grape leaves stuffed with rice, raisins, and pine nuts with yogurt sauce on the side. Then try the Iskender kebab for the main course. It features thin slices of lamb and beef doner meat seared and tossed atop toasted pita bread with tomato sauce and yogurt. Cap off your meal with a classic dessert, such as pistachio ice cream or baklava.

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