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Rare Steak and Seafood Culls Its Upscale American Fare From Renowned Sources


Whittingham Meats in Chicago has spent the last 70 years building its reputation as one of the best purveyors of prime steaks anywhere in the country. That's why Rare Steak and Seafood only trusts Whittingham Meats for its top-notch cuts of meat. Once they arrive, the kitchen team does the rest of the prep work in-house, including dry-aging the steaks for up to four weeks in a special aging room.

Come to Rare Steak and Seafood to savor one of these premium steaks. The smallest cut is the nine-ounce filet mignon, with options ranging all the way up to the massive 50-ounce double bone Union Chop. You can also indulge in remarkably rare and high-quality wagyu beef, like the Kusunoki A5, which is priced per ounce (a whopping $36 per each ounce). Rare Steak and Seafood also boasts high-quality fish, such as the Skuna Bay salmon, the Maine lobster, and the grilled tuna and octopus.

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