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Experience the Italian Version of Tapas at Cichetti at Urbana on January 27th


If you enjoy the tapas-style dining of Spain, then you'll probably appreciate Italian cichetti. At eateries in Italy, patrons often make a full meal of cichetti, or small plates. Since DC's Urbana seeks to mirror Italia osterie as closely as possible, Chef Ethan McKee now offers Cichetti at Urbana every Saturday evening.

Reserve your seating at 7 p.m. on Saturday, January 27th to taste the Italian snacks that he's been working on in the open kitchen. Watch while he crafts an eight-course smorgasbord of small bites using traditional Italian equipment like the wood-burning oven. Although the exact lineup changes each week, Chef Ethan's cichetti always exemplify contemporary Italian culinary techniques. Tickets are $65, and guests are encouraged to inform the chef of any dietary restrictions so that he can keep them in mind as he designs the weekly menu.

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