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Flow Your Way to a Healthier You at Georgetown Yoga


Sunlight streams through the plentiful windows at Georgetown Yoga. Its warmth invades every corner of the beloved DC studio, a physical warmth buoyed by the figurative warmth that emanates from the yoga instructors. They cultivate an environment in which everyone feels welcomed, whether you're a yoga newbie or a veteran.

They also offer a range of classes catering to every skill level. If you're a longtime yogi who's looking for a challenge, come to the Vinyasa/Deep Flow class. Its quick pace and strength-building sequence will put even experienced Vinyasa practitioners to the test. Anyone who's just easing into yoga or seeking a calmer session can try Hatha/Intro for Beginners and Athletes. True to its name, this slower class helps students to nail the basics in order to create a foundation for continued practice and growth.

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