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Check Out the Current “Everything in Existence” Exhibit at ARTECHOUSE


If you haven’t yet been to ARTECHOUSE, now is a good time to make your first visit. In a city full of museums and galleries, ARTECHOUSE has managed to carve out a unique niche for itself: this place specializes in large-scale, immersive art installations that invite visitors to reflect on the relationship between art and technology. 

The gallery’s current exhibition is called "Everything in Existence," and when you step into the main gallery you’ll find yourself surrounded by a huge digital projection of moving light and sound. What’s more, the movements are being generated by you and other visitors as you trigger various sensors by walking through the show, posting to social media, or making sounds. The show’s goal is to inspire meditation on the interplay between self and society, between the present moment and infinity. Sound fascinating? Be sure to visit before the show closes on March 10. 

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