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Explore Modern Culture Via “Direct Current” at the JFK Center


It’s not always easy to discern how to digest and react to the things going on in the modern world. The creatives behind Direct Current at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts choose to find their footing in various types of performance art. Music, dance, and even puppetry are among the mediums they employ.

Now through April 7th, the JFK Center will host a large roster of performers who’ve created pieces that specifically speak to issues unfolding in your contemporary culture. For instance, the National Symphony Orchestra will create music inspired by the natural world, a matter of social and political importance at this point in time. Bill T. Jones and the Arnie Zane Company promise a performance that gives a voice to marginalized people in modern society. Meanwhile, other musicians will play their cutting-edge music at the JFK Center. Ticket prices vary depending on the event.

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