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Craving Gourmet Ice Cream? Head to Here’s the Scoop!


Here’s The Scoop! just opened in July and it’s quickly gained a following for its family-oriented roots, incredible service, and of course, the gourmet ice cream. These DC natives are serving up lots of sugary treats that are sure to satisfy any time of the year.

Here’s The Scoop offers a rotating menu of ice cream flavors, with Campfire S’mores and Birthday Cake among some of the most popular. If you have a hard time choosing your flavor the staff is known for their hospitality, offering samples and recommendations. When ice cream isn’t what you’re craving, satisfy your sweet tooth their many other dessert options, like sorbet, peach cobbler, cookies and so much more. Rest outside on their seated-patio and enjoy your sweet treat, or take it on the go in the form of a milkshake. Supporting local business has never been so easy and tasted so good!

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