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77 H: The Daily Rider


For lots of folks in the DC area, a bike is an essential mode of transportation. The Daily Rider is here for you! This bicycle and accessory shop also handles modifications and repairs, and is staying busy fixing the bikes that DC riders need to get around. The Daily Rider has one mechanic still on staff to handle any fast fixes, while the rest of the team combs the web to find the coolest new models and accessories to stock the shop. Once everyone goes back to business as usual, The Daily Rider has premium bike brands like Biria and Yepp, helmets, bags, locks, and more. A quick browse of the aisles is a biker’s dreamland. Even if you aren’t an avid cyclist, The Daily Rider will inspire you to get out onto two wheels. Check out the website for a sampling of products sold in the shop, or for contact info for repairs during the COVID crisis. Having a cool, neighborhood bike shop is such an asset, and one that you should take advantage of this summer.

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